We provide transport of goods in the country and abroad. Outside the territory of Bulgaria, we operate mainly in the EU, and maintain groupage lines along four routes (in four relations):

  • Groupage shipments to Greece;
  • Groupage shipments to Italy;
  • Groupage shipments to Germany;
  • Groupage shipments to the Netherlands;


We offer high-level logistics management. Our specialists are qualified in the field of management of transport traffic flows and services. We offer high-quality services in the field of logistics thanks to our own warehouse facilities and qualified staff.

Contact us to explore the options for management and logistics of your goods and shipments. Please contact us by telephone on the specified contact telephone numbers so that we can discuss your needs.

Routes and destinations

Our company provides transport services mainly on the territory of the European Union and, in exceptional cases, outside the EU territory.

The main routes we operate are:

  • From and to Bulgaria;
  • Between EU countries;